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Next.js and Vercel Edge Config

Deploy our example project with Vercel

You can one-click deploy our example project on Vercel:
Deploy with Vercel
You'll be guided through installing the Hypertune Vercel integration and setting up the required environment variables.
Once deployed, you can develop your project locally:
  1. 1.
    Clone your project's repository and cd into it
  2. 2.
    Run vercel link to link to the Vercel project
  3. 3.
    Run vercel env pull .env.development.local to pull your environment variables
  4. 4.
    Run npm i
  5. 5.
    Run npm run dev
The example assumes your Hypertune project has an exampleFlag feature flag. If you created a new Hypertune project while installing the integration, it will have this feature flag by default.
But if you connected an existing Hypertune project without this flag, you'll need to run npx hypertune to regenerate the client and update your code to access the right flags.

Use Vercel Edge Config with an existing project

To use Vercel Edge Config with an existing project, follow the Vercel Edge Config section in the Next.js quickstart.