Hypertune is the most flexible platform for feature flags, A/B testing, analytics and app configuration. Built with full end-to-end type-safety, Git-style version control and local, synchronous, in-memory flag evaluation. Optimized for TypeScript, React and Next.js.

Jump straight into the quickstart or watch the 5 minute demo below for a quick introduction.

Use cases

Beyond simple feature flags, A/B testing and analytics, you can use Hypertune to manage more complex app configuration like:

  • Permissions and access controls for features based on billing plan, organization, user, etc

  • Pricing, billing and subscription plans

  • In-app copy for tooltips, modals, banners, error messages, onboarding flows, etc

  • Internationalization and localization

  • Landing page and marketing content with embedded A/B tests, machine learning loops and personalization rules

  • Allowlists, blocklists, redirect maps, timeouts, limits, magic numbers, etc

  • Business rules for automated spam and fraud detection, approvals, underwriting, etc

Why make your app configurable

Separating configuration from code is an emerging best practice and the third factor of The Twelve-Factor App methodology. Across all app configuration use cases, Hypertune lets your team:

  • Update your app instantly — without needing a code change, build, deployment, app release or service restart, whether it’s rolling back a feature, changing permissions or tweaking in-app copy

  • Decouple dependencies in your organization — so developers can focus on shipping to production and others are safely empowered to make changes themselves without the painful back and forth with engineering

  • Optimize your app — via manual tuning, A/B testing, machine learning loops and personalization rules

  • Reduce complexity — by extracting all configuration logic, e.g. user-specific code, out of different codebases and into a single source of truth

  • Increase flexibility — by building one app that can be configured in many different ways without extra engineering

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