Hypertune is the most powerful feature flag, A/B testing and app configuration platform. Built for the modern stack with full type-safety and Git version control. Optimized for TypeScript, React and Next.js.
Jump straight into the quickstart or watch the 5 minute demo below for a quick introduction.
The 5 minute demo

Use cases

Beyond simple feature flags and A/B testing, you can use Hypertune for more complex app configuration like:
  • Optimizing your landing page and onboarding funnel with machine learning
  • In-app content management with localization, personalization, A/B testing and ML
  • Managing and optimizing your pricing plans
  • Managing permissions, rules and limits
  • Managing and optimizing magic numbers
  • Complex backend configuration

Why make your app configurable

Separating configuration from code is an established best practice and the third factor of The Twelve-Factor App methodology. It lets you:
  • Update configuration instantly without a code update, build, deployment, app release or service restart
  • Safely empower nontechnical teammates to view and change configuration themselves, saving developers time
  • Optimize configuration with manual tuning, A/B testing and machine learning
  • Unify configuration across different codebases, like frontend and backend, into a single source of truth
  • Make your code cleaner, smaller and more flexible
  • Reduce engineering complexity and improve system reliability by separating the concerns of code and configuration